🤩 Breaking News: Macarons available now! 🤩

The macaron craze just got even better! 🌟✨ Say hello to "The Family of Stars" - a new collection of macarons that are out of this world! 😍😸 These delicious treats come in five unique flavors, each named after a bold and charming feline character. Meet Bold Cat, Penny Poon, Snowy, Beardy, and the Twins Djaja and Aediva. 🐱🐱 With their distinct personalities and flavors, there's a macaron for everyone! 🪄🎁❤️ Try them out and let us know which one is your favorite! 😋 Order the Bold Cat series now by sending me an email. I will give you a personal discount from Macaronshop. Delivery available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. #TheFamilyofStars #MacaronLove #UniqueFlavors #CatLovers #SweetTreats

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These macarons are made in France, by a top pastry chef and according to ancient tradition. They never come into contact with a freezer. They are so delicious and different from most macarons you can find in other stores today. Thanks to the unique secret baking process, they last for at least a month, without preservatives and gluten. And above all… without loss of taste!

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