Are you in need of proofreading of Dutch texts? Do you need Dutch language training? Look no further!

I invite you to discover my language services. I offer proofreading of Dutch texts to elevate their impact.

If you are interested in learning Dutch via online language training you can count on my assistance as well.

Let us work together to achieve your language goals. I invite you to discover my language services. 

If you require multilingual support, feel free to email me to discuss your specific needs:


Dutch for Beginners

Interested in mastering Dutch at your own speed, on your schedule, and from anywhere you choose? Craving an enjoyable approach to learning? Join my beginners' course for a fun-filled Dutch learning experience!

In this exciting beginners' course, I will guide you through mastering vocabulary, fundamental grammar, and essential conversational skills. Across 25 engaging sessions, each focusing on a specific topic, be it grammar nuances or conversation essentials, you will explore a world of Dutch learning.

Every class culminates in a comprehensive test, ensuring your grasp of the material. The course is designed for independent study. From worksheets to quizzes, these materials enhance your learning experience, sharpening your language skills and reinforcing your understanding.

The beauty lies in the progression: each class seamlessly builds upon the last, forming a solid foundation. I infuse every session with interactivity and fun, aiming not just to teach but to make your Dutch learning journey enjoyable and interactive.

Investment: $100 per session of 60 minutes

Email me for more detailed information.

Dutch Proofreading

My standard proofreading rate for Dutch texts stands at $0.03 per word. However, for urgent tasks or texts involving technical language, the rate adjusts to $0.04 per word. 

Please note that all prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT (21%). Feel free to reach out for a complimentary quote on your proofreading project. I am here to assist you!

Email me for more detailed information.