Executive Coaching

Elevate your leadership potential through my personalized coaching sessions. In just 3 to 5 sessions, I will enhance your skills in effective communication, emotional intelligence, and intercultural effectiveness. My 1-on-1 approach delves into your unique strengths and aspirations, empowering you to transform your leadership style.

Storytelling is the cornerstone of my coaching. I specialize in guiding business leaders at all levels – top, middle, and lower management – in using compelling narratives to connect, convey values, and inspire change. Learn to choose the perfect story and apply natural social skills to formal settings, enhancing your impact and influence. Let me shape your leadership success together, one story at a time.


  • Single Session: $250 for 30 minutes of expert guidance.

  • Enjoy a $100 discount when you book a package of 5 coaching sessions with me. Your success, my priority.