The Matadel Series

In the amazing Matadel series, you will meet Matadel, a young dragon who loves going on exciting adventures. He is full of curiosity and always wants to explore new places. But his biggest inspiration is Matilda, a sweet human child. Matilda is really wise and kind. She is always there to guide and help Matadel. She is the reason Matadel started his bold adventures.
Her sister Adelaide also joins the team in the newest book "Matadel in London: With Matilda and Adelaide on his side". Together, they discover so many wonderful things and teach us about bravery, friendship, and how important it is to have someone to look up to. Their adventures are like a beautiful journey that shows us the magic of friendship and learning from each other. ❤️🪄
It all started with "The Dragon That Wanted to Fly To Australia"

New since November 30th 2023:
"Matadel in London: With Matilda and Adelaide on his side"
Enjoy 😘