As a child, I found an endless joy within the pages of every story I read. The magic woven into those words made me feel blessed, transporting me to worlds where anything was possible. Each story was a gift, a treasure of happiness that filled my days with wonder. That love for storytelling has stayed with me, shaping my desire to give back and share that same sense of joy with others, both adults and children alike. I yearn to craft stories as unique as the individuals themselves, tailored specifically for each listener, designed to spark that same sense of wonder and delight that I experienced as a child. My greatest wish is to contribute to the well-being of others by creating narratives that bring smiles, laughter, and a renewed sense of magic into their lives, creating a world where imagination knows no bounds and happiness thrives within every page.

Storytelling prices (2024): I charge 1 euro/word. 

For more detailed information and price quotes, please contact me per email:

Liesbeth Leysen

Published Author - Blog Author - Storyteller